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June 20, 2010

Entering Malawi

Today we drove to Malawi from Tanzania over the escarpment and across the rolling hills of Tukuyu. The soil up there is rich and lush and there are mango and banana trees everywhere. A lady we met told us that you throw an avocado seed in the ground and within four years you’ll have a respectable tree.

In Mzuzu town we met a bunch of young guys selling bracelets, when they found out what Africa Goal was about they were excited about the free condoms we have. One of the men came from South Africa, he’d left the townships in Joburg he told us “life is very hard there, now I have moved to Malawi things are better. I caught the HIV virus four years ago but I take ARVs and I am alright, all my friends know about my disease.” He took a packet of condoms saying “Condoms are expensive here so people don’t use them, they’re good to have.”

We have no screening tonight but are linking up with George the District Aids Coordinator tomorrow.

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