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May 18, 2010


As one of the members of the Africagoal team I arrived in Harare on the 19th of May to meet with the two key project coordinators ; Mouse Leakey and Maciej Sudra, to help facilitate the final stages of the project.

Having been a huge supporter of the Africagoal project after having been a part of the 2006 team my persistent encouragement for yet another Africagoal tour over the last two years and the work done by all team members is soon to bare its fruits.

From the onset of my arrival from Australia I have been met with the kind hospitality of my two friends and the Zimbabwean locals. Having finally arrived here on the ground where the project will actually take place I have also been reminded of all the challenges that such a project faces. As one of the few members of the team that has not grown up in Africa it is easy to forget just how difficult it can be to organise even the simplest of

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