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Posts from the ‘Street Food’ Category


Chilis in Mozambique

In Mozambique we found chilies everywhere along the roads. The favourite was a green mango and chili pickle which made anything taste good.


Stranded at the Truck Stop

By Cynara Vetch

Meat and Banana kebabs. Picture By Tammy Tschentscher

While stranded at a truck stop we whiled away the time shopping for shoes made out tires, eating meat and banana kebabs and waiting for the new part to arrive. Finally we made it out of there and headed to Mbeya for the night.


Balls of pleasure

Today we stopped off Iringa Fast Food for Maciej’s “balls of pleasure”, crazy meat balls with carrot and cabbage.

While we were there we also grabbed some suspicious looking sausages, fried delicious tikka-esque chicken and piles of boiled eggs.


Piles of pawpaw

For our first Street Food post we present the mountains of pawpaw that we demolished in Mbita town today. Most of us really enjoyed the fruit drenched in lime juice, this was despite the fact that we all agreed that it does taste like sick.  It’s a mystery.Eating Paw Paw in Mbita


Mbita chapatis

By Tiana Leakey

In Mbita, Western Kenya we ate chapatis from the roadside.

By Tiana Leakey

Chapatis are flat, thick savoury pancakes fried on flat hot plates and Mandazis are triangle shaped doughnuts dipped in boiling oil. Both were hot, fresh and delicious.